I am so thrilled and honoured to have had a short narrative essay featured in sister-hood,  an online magazine that spotlights the voices of women of Muslim heritage. The essay explores shame and coming of age in Saudi Arabia as a young girl through the lens of the experience of my first period. An excerpt appears below. To read the piece in full at sister-hood.com, please click the link after the excerpt.

Where I come from, menstruation remains a topic too awkward or embarrassing to discuss in public or even in private. A topic that like the female body itself remains shrouded in secrecy. And stigma. And shame. So much stigma surrounds the female body and its bodily functions that the first time I bled on my first period, I was completely ignorant and unprepared, and as with most changes my body underwent in the early years of my adolescence, I felt overwhelmed with inexplicable shame. Continue Reading.

Image Credit: Tasmeem QScience, ‘Figure 2. Dancers wearing reinvented versions of Arabic “abaya”’

3 thoughts on “On Blood and Shame

  1. Hi Moudhy,

    It saddens me deeply reading this story and especially knowing you back then and what you had to go through alone . I wish I could have rescued you away from all that. I remember Gloria so well 🙂 where was your Mom through all this? Did she not guide you ? It blows me away and makes me so proud to know you and to see the beautiful strong woman you have become Moudhy .. I’m honored to have been a very small part of your life.

    Much luv xx

    Best Regards,

    Gary J Scagell Chief Executive Officer

    Cape Town • Los Angeles • The World Cell: +27 72 0751908 E: gary@visec.com

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    1. Oh, Gary, thank you so much for these loving words. I’m sorry it’s taken me eons to reply! It’s a privilege to be able to share my stories with those who knew and know me, and those who I have the pleasure of still having in my life, especially you since you were like a surrogate parent to all of us! Much love back xx


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